Yoga was originally transferred one on one as a personal and unique experience between a student and teacher. An ideal personalized session depends on uninhibited communication, which develops safety and trust to share your observations /feelings / sensations. Your honest feedback not only helps determine the flow of the sequence but also serves as a reminder to listen to and honor your body's needs.

K-Lea seeks to inspire all students at any level and also question their practice to be specifically conducive for each person’s individual needs, which a class setting cannot always provide.


Sessions may be at your home (Durango city limits) for no extra fee or at Four Corners Yoga Studio time allowing (3rd floor Smiley Building), for an additional rental fee of $16 per hour. A charged phone/camera is an efficient way to document your session. K-Lea will write up your lesson plan and email it to you.


Why personalized yoga?

  • Are you new to Yoga? Get “class ready” with a few privates so you will feel confident with group classes.
  • Do group or flow classes feel too fast to understand the mechanics and alignment of how to perform the poses safely
  • Are you busy and finding a class time that fits your schedule is challenging?
  • Are you easily distracted in class?
  • Do you feel competitive or uncomfortable with group classes
  • Have you reached a plateau and needing individual, personalized attention to progress?
  • Are you recovering from an injury or illness?
  • Do you need help getting started or developing a home practice routine?
  • Are you an experienced practitioner gearing up for an advanced workshop and need modifications?