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3’s a Charm: Exploring the Gunas with Sarah & K-Lea

  • Yoga Durango 1485 Florida Road, Bldg. C #201 Durango, CO 81301 United States (map)

Are you willing to dive deeper into Yogic philosophy to accompany your Asana practice? One of the 8 limbs of Yoga is Svadyaya (study of the Self). Come learn how Yoga can be a key tool in creating more balance for our personality types on and off the mat. Do you understand your personality tendencies? Does your energy need to be pacified or invigorated? Do you tend to be flighty or focused; do you run hot or cold?  Learn how to sequence your practice and bring that energy into harmony.

Join Sarah and K-Lea in learning what a Guna is (primal elements, tendencies or qualities) and, in particular, your own Guna patterns which can be instrumental in informing your personal practice. Knowledge of these energies and how to balance them through your Yoga practice can bring more ease, harmony and peace to your day. Sarah and K-Lea will lead you through an Asana practice for each Guna so you may experientially feel the effects. 

Later Event: January 12
Iyengar Yoga Chair Workshop