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Iyengar Yoga Focusing on Women's Pelvic Floor Health

  • 4 Corners Yoga 1309 3rd Avenue, RM #32 Durango, CO 81302 USA (map)

This workshop is open to female Yoga practitioners (Yogini’s) interested in experiencing specific Yoga postures and positions to soften, stretch, and mindfully strengthen the pelvic floor.

Melissa will give a basic overview and practical knowledge about the pelvic floor region with a review of basic anatomy of the pelvis and the pelvic musculature.  K-Lea will guide you through a practice of poses primarily inspired and informed by Dr. Geeta Iyengar’s notes on her “Women’s Intensive”.  We will work with breath (Pranayama) and core activation exercises designed to provide tools for maintaining a healthy pelvic floor through Yoga.