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"I teach classes for all levels from new beginners to advanced practitioners and teachers. I enjoy instructing special needs classes: therapeutics for minor injuries, pregnancy,  & restorative classes."

K-Lea and her mother, June LaSalvia

K-Lea and her mother, June LaSalvia

K-Lea is available for personalized, private Yoga sessions, corporate classes,  special workshops & classes in Durango, Colorado at 4 Corners Yoga, YogaDurango, and Pilates Durango.


K-Lea's Story: As a young teenager K-Lea was surrounded by Yogis. She started practicing in 1983 with her mother, June LaSalvia, who was her first teacher which makes her a second generation Yoga instructor. K-Lea graduated from Florida State University in 1986 and is a certified Advanced Alaya Process Practitioner. K-Lea was exposed to several styles of Yoga until she was 22 then narrowed her focus solely to Iyengar Yoga during her pregnancy with her daughter, Chelsea. Seeking to dive deeper into the minutia of alignment, she began training for Iyengar certification and teaching full-time in 1990.

K-Lea's Training: K-Lea attained her first Iyengar certification in 1999. She was the founder/owner of two Yoga studios in Nashville, TN of which 12South Yoga is still successfully sharing the art of Iyengar Yoga. She is currently Iyengar Certified at the Intermediate Junior 2 Level and has made several trips to Pune, India to study with the Iyengars. She is also a Certified Yoga Therapist with International Association of Yoga Therapists. Her personal background in gymnastics and certification in body-oriented transpersonal psychotherapy, meditation and breath-work have enriched her teaching immensely.

K-Lea and her daughter, Chelsea Kyle Gifford

K-Lea and her daughter, Chelsea Kyle Gifford

K-Lea has been teaching Yoga classes, privates, workshops and retreats for almost 30 years, and has helped many people who have suffered from pain, tightness, imbalances and unhappiness with their bodies. Clients have included professional athletes, teenagers, the chronologically gifted,  and those recovering from  injuries and surgeries.  She has acquired additional training dealing with lower back, cancer, neck & shoulders, knees, scoliosis, trauma, and MS.

K-Lea is a current member and certified with IYNAUS.org as well as IAYT.com. K-Lea has taught special events for Yoga Journal and appears in the Gaiam Living Arts Video "Conditioning for Life”. She has led several workshops in the United States and Canada and for several years provided itinerant subbing services for Yoga studios/instructors. K-Lea continues her professional development through her studies with many inspiring senior Iyengar teachers.


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